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Capt. Robert was born, raised, and resides in Murrells Inlet. He is a true native, stemming from a heritage of commercial and charter fishing at these very docks. Having run the Fish Finder | as a teenager, he has come back to his roots in recent years from operating large industrial vessels across the U.S. to do what he loves! He pride himself in providing the “family fun” experience and loves to share it with the younger generation.


Capt. Parker is a rising star of local fishing. Bringing youth to our Fish Finder Fleet, however, he does not come with a lack of experience and knowledge of fishing. He got his start as a teenager on the local party fishing boat, Capt. Parker has many years of experience of fishing out of Murrells Inlet under his belt. His excitement and love for fishing keeps him wondering what his next fishing adventure is going to bring to the table.


A true veteran of the Fish Finder Fleet, Capt. Trey has been a supporting captain for both Fish Finder | and Fish Finder || for many years. He knows the ins and outs of what Murrells Inlet and the nearshore reefs have to offer. Capt. Trey also gained extensive fishing knowledge while working on the local party fishing boat as a teenager and continued to pursue his love for fishing by being a part of our team.

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