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March 2024 Fishing Report – Inshore & Nearshore Insights for Murrells Inlet, SC

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March fishing report for Murrells inlet, SC. As March unfolds along the picturesque shores of Murrells Inlet, SC, the fishing community buzzes with anticipation. The blend of seasonal transition and fluctuating water temperatures brings a unique set of opportunities and challenges for both inshore and nearshore fishing enthusiasts. With specific observations in mind, let’s delve into what the waters near Murrells Inlet have in store this month.

Inshore Fishing Update

Current Conditions: The inshore waters are experiencing a period of transition with water temperatures in the low to mid-60s (°F). This environment, while inviting, can make for picky feeding patterns among the resident fish species.

Key Species and Location: Notably, the areas around the jetties are becoming hotspots, especially during the tide changes. This is where the action is at its peak.

Fishing Tip: For anglers targeting these areas, timing your outings to coincide with the changing tides can significantly increase your chances of success. Using live bait, such as shrimp, near the jetties can be particularly effective as it closely mimics the natural diet of the fish in this area.

Nearshore Fishing Update

Water Temperature: Slightly cooler than the inshore areas, the nearshore reefs have water temperatures in the low-60s (°F), creating a hospitable environment for a variety of species.

Target Species: This month, anglers have observed an increase in Black drum, Sheepshead, and Weakfish activity around the nearshore reefs. These species are drawn to the structure and relative warmth these areas provide.

Fishing Tip for Black Drum: Focus on using cut bait or crabs near the bottom around the reefs. Black drum are known for their bottom-feeding habits, so presenting bait in their feeding zone is key.

Fishing Tip for Sheepshead: Sheepshead are notorious for their bait-stealing antics. Use small, sturdy hooks and bait such as fiddler crabs or barnacles. Targeting structure edges will yield the best results, as Sheepshead love to scrape off barnacles and other crustaceans.

Fishing Tip for Weakfish Jigs or live bait presented in the water column around the reefs can be effective for Weakfish. Their predatory nature means they are often on the lookout for an easy meal, so mimicking the movements of their prey is crucial.

Offshore Fishing Update

Current Conditions: Offshore waters are slightly cooler, with temperatures hovering around the 60s (°F). These open waters are beginning to teem with life as migratory patterns shift with the season.

Target Species: The offshore scene in March is vibrant with Wahoo, and Tuna making their presence known. These pelagic predators are on the move, searching for baitfish schools, offering thrilling opportunities for anglers.

Fishing Tip for Wahoo: High-speed trolling with deep-diving lures in the early morning can yield impressive catches. Wahoo are known for their speed and aggression, making them exciting targets.

Fishing Tip for Tuna: Trolling with ballyhoo on darker colors is best for our area. Keep an eye out for bird activity on the water’s surface, as it can indicate the presence of feeding Tuna below.

General Advice

March’s variable conditions mean that flexibility and adaptation are your best strategies. Paying close attention to water temperatures, tide schedules, and weather forecasts can make the difference between a good day and a great day on the water.

For both inshore and nearshore fishing, ensure you’re equipped with a variety of bait and tackle options to switch up your approach as needed. And remember, conservation is key—practice catch and release when possible, and always adhere to local fishing regulations.

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In summary, March offers a mixed bag of fishing opportunities near Murrells Inlet, SC. Whether you’re navigating the inshore waters around the jetties or exploring the lively nearshore reefs, there’s plenty to look forward to. With the right approach, timing, and a little bit of luck, you’re sure to find success. Happy fishing!

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