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The 10 Best Baits to Use for Fishing in Murrells Inlet, SC

Trigger and Pogeys

The 10 Best Baits to Use for Fishing in Murrells Inlet, SC

Murrells Inlet, a historic fishing village situated along the Grand Strand in South Carolina, is a paradise for anglers. Known for its abundant estuaries, marshes, and Atlantic Ocean access, this area offers a rich variety of fish species, making it a favorite spot for both novice and experienced fishermen. To maximize your fishing experience, selecting the right bait is crucial. Here’s a list of the best baits to use when fishing in Murrells Inlet, SC.

1. Live Bait: The Natural Choice

Shrimp: A universal bait, live shrimp attract a wide range of species, including flounder, red drum, and spotted sea trout. The natural scent and movement make them irresistible to fish. Hook them through the tail or head for different swimming actions.

live bait shrimp
live shrimp

Mud Minnows: These hardy baits are a local favorite for catching flounder and red drum. Their resilience in various water conditions makes them an excellent choice for longer fishing expeditions. Hooking them through the lips or the back offers a realistic movement that predators can’t resist.

mud minnows
mud minnows

Menhaden (Pogy): Often referred to as “pogy,” menhaden are a top bait choice for larger fish such as tarpon, king mackerel, and sharks. They are known for their oily flesh, which releases a scent trail that’s highly attractive to predatory fish. Menhaden can be used whole or in chunks, depending on the size of the fish you’re targeting.


2. Cut Bait: The Scent Trail Strategy

Mullet: Known for their strong scent, mullet pieces are excellent for attracting larger predators like bluefish and redfish. The oilier the fish, the more scent it releases, creating an enticing trail for predatory fish.


Squid: Squid can be cut into strips and used to target species such as sea bass and whiting. Its tough flesh stays on the hook longer, making it a durable option, especially in strong currents or when casting multiple times.


3. Artificial Baits: The Versatile Option

Soft Plastics: Soft plastic lures in the shape of shrimp or minnows are incredibly versatile. Rig them on a jig head or use them with a popping cork to mimic wounded prey. These are particularly effective for trout and redfish.

Spoons: The wobbling action of a spoon mimics a distressed baitfish, making it irresistible to species like Spanish mackerel and bluefish. Silver spoons are effective under bright sunlight, while gold spoons are preferable on overcast days.

Topwater Lures: For the ultimate thrill, use topwater lures during the early morning or late evening. The surface disturbance and noise attract species like the red drum, providing an exciting visual strike.

4. Specialty Baits: Local Secrets

Blue Crabs: For targeting sheepshead and black drum, small pieces of blue crab can be very effective. The scent and texture appeal to the taste of these species. Ensure the hook is well-exposed to ensure a good set.

Sand Fleas: Often found along the shore, sand fleas are a top choice for pompano and whiting. Their natural presence in the surf makes them a familiar and appealing snack.

Local tackle shops

Dont Forget to visit Murrells Inlets favorite tackle shops!

Inlet Rocks: 4298 US 17 Business, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina 29576

Perry’s Bait & Tackle: 3975 US 17 Business, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina 29576

Murrells Inlet Outpost: 3525 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

In conclusion, Murrells Inlet offers a diverse fishing experience with a bounty of species waiting to be caught. Matching your bait to the target species and water conditions is key to a successful outing. Whether you prefer the authenticity of live bait, the durability of cut bait, or the versatility of artificial lures, ensure you’re well-equipped and ready for the action. Remember, the best bait is the one that works for you on the day, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Happy fishing from Fishing Finder Fishing Charters!

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