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February 2024 Fishing Report

February 2024 Fishing Report

For February 2024, the fishing outlook near Murrells Inlet, SC, varies across inshore, nearshore, and offshore regions, offering diverse opportunities for anglers. Here’s a concise report based on the latest trends and catches:

Inshore Fishing

  • Target Species: Redfish, black drum, and trout are primary targets. Redfish are found in large winter schools, offering good sight-fishing opportunities. Black drum might be caught around docks and ledges, while trout are likely found near flowing water and around jetties.
  • Water: Water clarity is at its peak, providing excellent conditions for sight-fishing.
  • Fishing Tip: Use fresh cut shrimp on a jighead for redfish and black drum. For trout, artificial lures like Vudu Shrimp or live shrimp (if available) are recommended.

Nearshore/Offshore Fishing

  • Target Species: Nearshore, sheepshead and black sea bass are highlighted, with black sea bass moving closer to shore than at other times. Offshore, the focus might shift to a mixed bag including Jacks, Sea Bass, and a variety of Snapper with a high probability of Wahoo and Tuna on the troll further out.
  • Fishing Tip: For sheepshead, use baits like fiddler crabs, sand fleas, and mussels at nearshore reefs. For offshore fishing, black sea bass can be targeted with bottom rigs, while highspeed trolling can be effective for wahoo.

Remember, regulations and conservation measures are in place to ensure sustainable fisheries, so always check the latest local and state fishing regulations before heading out. Happy fishing!

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